About Counseling and Services

Therapy is an invitation to a journey of deeper understanding about:

  • how your current thinking and behavior is connected to your experiences.
  • how you can change those thoughts and actions to resolve current problems and create a more fulfilling life.

It takes a commitment to yourself and courage to explore your assumptions and expectations. To benefit from therapy, you must be an active participant.

Therapy is a way to talk through these problems with a trained listener who can assist you in coming to your best solutions. Talking out your problems helps you work through and understand patterns that keep you repeating the same hurtful behaviors.

When your ability to cope is overpowered by anger, anxiety, depression, guilt or sorrow, we offer compassionate support, insights and problem-solving skills to help you develop a fresh perspective.

Types of Services and Therapy

Individual Therapy

For Individuals Needing Their Own Support

Life can be hard. Most of us get stuck from time to time. We all need help overcoming life’s challenges. Working hand in hand with your therapist is a great resource. Individual counseling is more than just talking about your feelings. As you meet with the therapist you will identify patterns in your self and your relationships that lead to unhealthy thoughts, actions and beliefs. Using your strengths, the therapist will help you to find the right skills and techniques to help you make enduring life changes. These skills will help you navigate through life even after you have reached all your therapy goals.

Couples/Family Therapy

For couples and families struggling with communication.

Because wellness begins at home, we support families in developing positive communication, strengthening their relationships with each other, addressing mental wellness, and managing their stress and frustration in healthy ways.

Teen/Young Adult Therapy

For teenagers experiencing depression and anxiety.

Because they are transitioning between childhood and adulthood, teenagers face significantly challenging academic, social, and family pressures. Teens often feel as if they are being told how to think and behave, which impacts their ability to develop healthy decision-making and problem-solving skills. Using a blend of expressive activities and skill-building, we work with your teen to identify their unique perspective and strengths, improve their relationship with you, and creatively resolve the concerns that brought them to counseling in the first place.

Young adults are learning how to navigate the world and developing their sense of self. Therapy provides a space for them to learn about how they are outside of their family, develop healthy coping strategies, and develop and maintain life goals.

Child Therapy

For children managing transitions.

Children need strong emotional connections with others in order to thrive. Stressful experiences in childhood negatively impact children’s development. In play therapy, we purposefully use play to help identify where they may be experiencing pain or difficulty. Play Therapy helps the child to heal, create connection, improve trust, and strengthen self-esteem all in a fun and engaging way.

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