Hello. I’m TK Nelson. I own Middleton Counseling and partner with my husband Kim in bringing outstanding therapists to help individuals, families, and our community. As I look back at my life, I see clearly the path that led me here…to this place, at this time, to do this thing.

At the age of 16, I was in a severe car wreck that changed my life. Reflecting on that experience changed me. It taught me how my life is intertwined with others. I need people. They need me. Our stories of excitement, love, pain, adventure, loss, grief, success, failure, joy, resilience, and healing teach us the lessons that bring us a sense of significance.For me to have a meaningful life, I need to be a part of the lives of people by holding space for others’ pain, their happiness, disappointments, and by ultimately contributing to their hopes and dreams.

In addition to running the company, I administer Idaho ICANS assessments as well. I am also here to help clients who are wanting Peer and Family Support services. I enjoy getting to work closely with my clients to help them meet their own needs.

I’m the craftsperson, the artisan behind the scenes. I hold the space that allows our counselors to be there for you…so that they have the wisdom and exactly the right words when you need them.

I have loved coming to Middleton Counseling. After having a bad experience with my first counselor, coming here was a great relief. They are so kind and friendly and I always feel safe and comfortable talking to them.

Middleton counseling has been very helpful and easy to work with. I had a session of the accelerated resolution therapy had have been pleased with the out come. Highly recommend.

A wonderful experience. I enjoy going there.