Petra Ramirez, LPC

About Me

I’m Petra Ramirez, LPC. I enjoy spending time with my husband, children, and grandchildren. I consider myself blessed to be part of our clan and we spend lots of time laughing, teasing each other, and enjoying each other’s company. I also enjoy reading, hiking, and going for walks. My belief is that humans are multifaceted beings. Many factors affect how we see the world around us and ourselves. Throughout life, situations and circumstances occur that cause disruption to being completely at peace with our lives. I hope to help bridge those gaps and help explore what beliefs, thoughts, emotions, or behaviors may be having a negative impact. My desire is to offer an atmosphere of openness, acceptance, and safety, where we can work together and find wholeness and peace.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Eastern Oregon University with a Minor in Anthropology & Sociology. I have a Master of Science from Northwest Nazarene University with an emphasis on grief, trauma, and addiction.

Therapeutic Approach

My therapy approach is EFT – Emotion Focused Therapy, Narrative therapy, and CBT – Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I have found that there is so much healing and insight as we explore our emotions, and we share our stories. As our stories unfold, we are able to identify faulty thinking, what emotions are, how to use them, and most importantly our innate value as a person. I believe how we start life does

I have loved coming to Middleton Counseling. After having a bad experience with my first counselor, coming here was a great relief. They are so kind and friendly and I always feel safe and comfortable talking to them.

Middleton counseling has been very helpful and easy to work with. I had a session of the accelerated resolution therapy had have been pleased with the out come. Highly recommend.

A wonderful experience. I enjoy going there.