Daniel Seare, LMSW

About Me

My name is Daniel Seare. I have grown up in Idaho my whole life and moved here with my wife and 2 children 5 years ago. I love this valley and am committed to helping the wonderful people here. My interests include mental health, sports, music, and other outdoor activities.

Therapeutic Approach

There are moments in life when we feel completely overwhelmed. As someone who wants to make a difference, I am committed to assisting as many individuals as possible who are struggling during these difficult times. Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, or other challenges, my primary aim is to support you in overcoming these obstacles. While I prefer to take a holistic approach that incorporates your strengths, I am flexible and can adjust my strategy to meet your specific requirements. By building a strong connection, establishing trust, showing empathy, and working hard together, I believe we can help you achieve the stability you desire.

Through my experience, I have worked with many individuals who suffer from symptoms of depression and anxiety. My approach is empathetic towards all mental health issues, and I provide cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, and focus on strengths to help my clients. Additionally, I have experience in integrating religious and spiritual beliefs into treatment.

I am ready to assist you in finding the help you need. Taking this first step is crucial in helping you achieve your desired outcome, and I applaud your courage in seeking help. With dedication and connections, we can work together to address the issue that brought you to this page.

I have loved coming to Middleton Counseling. After having a bad experience with my first counselor, coming here was a great relief. They are so kind and friendly and I always feel safe and comfortable talking to them. -R.B.

Middleton counseling has been very helpful and easy to work with. I had a session of the accelerated resolution therapy had have been pleased with the out come. Highly recommend. -S.W.

Middleton counseling center is very personal to me. They are very professional and take pride in their clients as well as their employees. They genuinely care and are passionate in their work and care for others. Their professionalism show in their knowledge, compassion and understanding. Thanks Middleton counseling center! -D.N.


I have 4 children seeking guidance through Middleton counseling.. we use two of there amazing counselors. My children get excited about their weekly visits. This is a very comfortable facility. Everyone involved are so caring and respectful! We look forward to the future through Middleton counseling. -J.B.