Expert Clarity For You And Your Family

Real Help with Life and Relationships

Expert Clarity For You And Your Family

Real Help with Life and Relationships

Expert Counselors.

Real Help.

Middleton Counseling is a whole-hearted, gifted group of therapists with offices in both Middleton and Rexburg, Idaho. We share a profound commitment to helping individuals and families have healthy relationships, make confident decisions, and improve their lives.

Kim Nelson, LCPC

Supervising Counselor

Middleton Office

Becky Mumm, LMSW


Rexburg Office

Cynthia Brice, LMSW


Middleton Office

Rachel Hickmott, LMSW


Middleton Office

Lisa Corn, LPC


Middleton Office

Melanie Pilot, Registered Counselor Intern, MA


Middleton Office

Tessa LeFavour, Registered Counselor Intern, MA


Middleton Office

Our Interns

Daniel Seare, Counselor Intern

Counseling Intern

Justin Eastland, Counselor Intern

 Counseling Intern

Hannah Foster



We love helping you identify and address the key causes of what you’re going through because we’re completely serious about helping you make long-lasting improvements and achieve your most joyful life.

The work we do involves mental, emotional, relational, and behavioral health. We believe we can make a world of difference in how you and your family feel and think about life.

Together we can do something….


There’s power in understanding the science behind what is happening.


We work together to build a “toolbox” of skills that are evidence-based.


When you are equipped with the ability to understand and the tools to use, you can begin to enjoy life!

Middleton Counseling has been very helpful and easy to work with. I had a session of the accelerated resolution therapy and have been pleased with the outcome. Highly recommend.

I have loved coming to Middleton Counseling. After having a bad experience with my first counselor, coming here was a great relief. They are so kind and friendly, and I always feel safe and comfortable talking to them.

I have 4 children seeking guidance through Middleton counseling.. we use two of there amazing counselors. My children get excited about their weekly visits. This is a very comfortable facility. Everyone involved are so caring and respectful! We look forward to the future through Middleton counseling

Middleton Counseling is absolutely amazing. We are so lucky to have you in our community. -AD

Our Specialties

We offer individual or family counseling and therapy, including several theoretical approaches depending on your needs. We commonly practice Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) which is a type of bilateral eye movement that helps to resolve troubling experiences and trauma similar to EMDR.

Individual Therapy

For Individuals Needing Their Own Support

Couples/Family Therapy

For Couples and Families Struggling with Communication.

Teen/Young Adult Therapy

For Teenagers Experiencing Depression and Anxiety.

Child Therapy

For Children Managing Transitions.

You’re probably reading this right now because you’re looking for someone to HELP you understand how to make a painful emotion that is causing difficulty in yourself, or your relationships go away!

You want things to feel better…to BE BETTER! You’ve tried to accomplish this on your own, but you realize you need some new IDEAS.

Maybe you feel like you should’ve been able to figure this out by now, or perhaps you realize relationships are complex whether with ourselves, our partners, or our children.

You are in the right place! As counselors (and human beings), we UNDERSTAND and are trained to listen effectively and provide evidence-based, scientifically proven tools to MOVE you and your relationships forward.

Don’t worry any longer.
Make an appointment today.